Shows Archive

10/14/17Brandon Music Café Brandon, VT7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/13/17Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts CenterFryeburg, ME7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/08/17Dreamaway LodgeBecket, MA8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
09/14/17Owl's Hill Nature SanctuaryBrentwood, TN5:45pmPrivate Event
08/13/17KBKabaret's Music/Comedy FestivalBinghamton, NY4:00pmAcoustic Duo
08/11/17Quail Ridge House ConcertsJonesborough, TN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/16/17Hyde Park LibraryHyde Park, NY2:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/15/17Millerton Public LibraryMillerton, NY7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/13/17Montpelier Alive Brown Bag Concert SeriesMontpelier, VT12:00pmAcoustic Duo One Hour Show
07/13/17Sherburne Library Concert SeriesKillington, VT6:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/12/17Bourne Public LibraryBourne, MA7:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
07/01/171794 MeetinghouseNew Salem, MA7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/30/17The Strafford Townhouse Concert SeriesStrafford, VT8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/25/17House ConcertRockport, MA7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/24/17Mountville Folk FestivalAldie, VA7:00pmFolk Festival
05/02/17WDCB Event NightsGlen Ellyn, IL6:30pmSpecial Acoustic Duo Show
05/01/17Schaumburg District Public LibrarySchaumburg, IL7:00pmOne hour Acoustic Duo Show
04/30/17Salt of the EarthFennville, MI7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
03/25/176 on the SquareOxford, NY7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
03/24/17Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire CommemorationNew York, NY11:30am106th Commemoration
03/23/17Charity Fundraiser in Remembrance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory FireNew York, NY6:00pmPrivate Event
03/19/17Ossining LibraryOssining, NY2:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/27/16KPFT 90.1 FMHouston, TX7:00pmOn-Air Interview with Tom Tranchilla
11/19/16Blue Moon Dome House Concert SeriesLawrenceburg, IN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/05/16White Steeple StagePinckney, MI7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/04/16Acoustic Routes Concerts @Mangiamo Italian RestaurantSaline, MI8:00pmSplit Bill with Annie and Rod Capps
10/16/16Bread Box TheaterWillimantic, CT4:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/15/16Brandon Music Café Brandon, VT7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/14/16Sunapee Coffee HouseSunapee, NH7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/11/16Pentangle ArtsWoodstock, VTTBDResidency
10/01/16Southwest Regional Folk AllianceAustin, TX10:40pmPrivate Showcase
09/30/16Southwest Regional Folk AllianceAustin, TX12:30amPrivate Showcase
09/29/16Southwest Regional Folk AllianceAustin, TX10:30pmAlternate Formal Showcase
08/13/16Blue Moon Dome House Concert SeriesLawrenceburg, IN7:00pmMike on Upright Bass backing Colin Gilmore
07/08/16Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts CenterFryeburg, ME7:30pmAcoustic Duo show
07/07/16Pentangle Arts Brown Bag Concert SeriesWoodstock, VT5:30pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
07/06/16Bourne Public LibraryBourne, MA7:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
07/03/16Stafford Arts Commission Concert SeriesStafford, CT6:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/02/16Hyde Park LibraryHyde Park, NY7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show Including Some July 4th Tunes to Celebrate the Weekend
07/01/16The Strafford Townhouse Concert SeriesStrafford, VT8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/26/16Sundays in Patton Park Summer Concert SeriesHamilton, MA5:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/18/16Owl's Hill Nature SanctuaryBrentwood, TN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
05/29/16Kerrville New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk FestivalKerrville, TX1:00pm
05/20/16Southeast Regional Folk AllianceAsheville, NC9:30amTwo Workshops/Panels on Recording and Pre-Production - Mike Only
04/04/16Schaumburg District Public LibrarySchaumburg, IL7:00pmGreat Texas Songwriters Tribute show
04/03/16Lisle LibraryLisle, IL2:00pmAcoustic Duo Show, including a Tribute to Great Texas Songwriters
04/02/16The Focal Point Arts CenterSt Louis, MO8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
12/05/15JP Hops HouseHouston, TX9:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
12/04/15Uncle Calvin'sDallas, TX8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/21/15Charles & Myrtle's CoffeehouseChattanooga, TN8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/07/15White Steeple StagePinckney, MI7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/06/15Trinity House TheatreLivonia, MI8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/17/15Franklin Opera HouseFranklin, NH7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/16/15Frog Moon Hollow HappeningsMiddlesex, VT7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/15/15Crandall LibraryGlens Falls, NY7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/10/15Brandon Music Café Brandon, VT7:30pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
09/20/15The Bluebird CafeNashville, TN6:00pmSpotlight Show with Band
07/18/15Spruce Peak Performing Arts CenterStowe, VT8:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
07/17/15WCAX TVBurlington, VT5:30pmLive On-Air Interview and Super Quicky Performance Hosted by Anchor Gina Bullard
07/16/15Pentangle Arts Brown Bag Concert SeriesWoodstock, VT12:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
07/16/15Sherburne Library Concert SeriesKillington, VT6:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/16/15WLVB FMMorrisville, VT7:20amInterview at 7:20 AM and 8:20 AM with host Roland LaJoie
07/15/15Smyth Public LibraryCandia, NH6:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/14/15Henniker Summer Concert SeriesHenniker, NH7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/12/15The Point 104.7 FMBurlington, VT6:30pmLive On-Air Performance hosted by Carrie Henry
07/08/15Towne CrierBeacon, NY7:30pmJimmie Dale Gilmore with Mike on upright bass and David Hammond on guitar
06/27/15Booth TheatreDanville, PA10:00amSongwriting Workshop 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
06/26/15Booth TheatreDanville, PA8:00pmMike Solo Show
06/20/15Fleur de Lis Acoustic SeriesKnoxville, TN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/02/15State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaAthens, GA7:00pmOpening for Caroline Aiken at the Sunflower Concert Series
05/23/15Historic Rugby Spring Music & Arts FestivalRugby, TN12:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
05/11/15Schaumburg District Public LibrarySchaumburg, IL7:00pmOne Hour Hank Williams Show - Mike Solo
05/10/15Lisle LibraryLisle, IL2:00pmTwo Set Hank Williams Show - Mike Solo
05/02/15Music @ Quail Ridge House ConcertJonesborough, TN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
04/26/15Celebration FestivalCharleston, IL12:00pm45 Minute Acoustic Duo Set
04/25/15Doudna Fine Arts CenterCharleston, IL7:30pm2 hour Show with Switchback and Robinella
03/28/15Jacoby Arts CenterAlton, IL7:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
03/21/15Blooming Arts FestivalLinden, TN2:30pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
03/20/15Blooming Arts FestivalLinden, TN4:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
02/13/15Longview Museum of Fine ArtsLongview, TX7:30pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
02/12/15Anderson FairHouston, TX8:00pmIn the Round
02/04/15Station InnNashville, TN8:00pmPaul Craft Memorial Show
01/08/15musictogousa.com7:00pmBroadcast of Dallas Frazier Tribute with Dallas Frazier, David Ball, Marty Raybon, lots of other great artists, and lil' 'ol us
12/06/14Private EventNashville, TN1:00pmPrivate Event and Radio Taping Honoring Dallas Frazier
11/23/14Lisle LibraryLisle, IL2:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
11/02/14The Bluebird CafeNashville, TN6:00pmSpotlight Show with Band
10/11/14Birdhouse Center for the ArtsLambertville, NJ8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/09/14The Skinny PancakeBurlington, VT8:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
10/08/14Big Picture TheaterWaitsfield, VT7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
10/04/14Brandon Music Café Brandon, VT7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
09/19/14Uncle Calvin'sDallas, TX8:00pmOpening for Carrie Newcomer
08/09/14Omnova TheaterColumbus, MS7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
08/09/14Omnova TheaterColumbus, MS12:00pmSongwriting Workshop
08/09/14Omnova TheaterColumbus, MS3:00pmPerformance Workshop
07/26/14Montague BookmillMontague, MA8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/25/14The Skinny PancakeBurlington, VT8:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
07/24/14Pentangle Arts Brown Bag Concert SeriesWoodstock, VT12:00pmAcoustic Duo One Hour Concert at Noon
07/24/14Sweet Melissa'sMontpelier, VT8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/23/14Fairfax Summer Concert SeriesFairfax, VT7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
07/23/14WMCB 107.9 FMGreenfield, MA4:30pmLive On-Air Interview with Diane Crowe on Music of the People
07/22/14Nottingham Summer Concert Series Nottingham, NH6:30pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
07/20/14Green Mountain Coffee RoastersWaterbury, VT1:00pm2 Hour Acoustic Duo Show
07/20/14Caffe LenaSaratoga Springs, NY7:00pmSplit Bill with Bernice Lewis
07/19/14WAMC - The Hudson Valley Sampler with Wanda FischerAlbany, NY8:15pmLive On-Air Interview and Performance
07/13/14WMSC 90.3 Radio Nowhere with Joe PszonekMontclair, NJ7:00pmLive On-Air Interview and Performance - Mike Solo
06/14/14IndyWest House ConcertsIndianapolis, IN7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/13/14Two Way Street Coffee HouseDowners Grove, IL8:15pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/07/14Fall Creek Falls Summer Concert SeriesPikeville, TN7:30pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
05/17/14Southeast Regional Folk AllianceAsheville, NC10:30amStudio Pre-Production Panel - Mike Lewis, Jon Vezner, Wyatt Easterling, Kari Estrin
05/17/14Southeast Regional Folk AllianceAsheville, NC11:00pmPrivate Showcases
05/16/14Historic Rugby Spring Music & Arts FestivalRugby, TN4:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Show
05/07/14Kimbro's CafeFranklin, TN9:00pmHalf Hour Acoustic Duo Set
04/19/14Private EventNashville, TN6:00pm
02/21/14Folk Alliance InternationalKansas City, MO6:00pmBrian Ashley Jones Band Formal Showcase - Mike on upright bass
02/21/14Folk Alliance InternationalKansas City, MO11:00amStudio Pre-Production Panel - Mike Lewis, Tom Prasado-Rao, Bil VornDick, Kari Estrin
02/17/14The RutledgeNashville, TN6:00pmBenefit for Billy Block
01/27/14Coffeyville Community Humanities SeriesCoffeyville, KS10:00amJan 27-31 Hank Williams Shows - Mike Solo
01/11/14Mt Pleasant GrilleMt. Pleasant, TN5:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
12/11/13Brown's DinerNashville, TN8:30pmSitting in briefly with the Jay Patten 4 - one of our favorite bands
11/15/13The Barn at RedgateSomerset, KY7:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
11/07/13Northeast Regional Folk AllianceKerhonkson, NY9:00pmPrivate Showcases November 7-10
11/04/13WTSR - 91.3 FMEwing, NJ8:00pmLive Performance and Interview
11/03/13Caffe LenaSaratoga Springs, NY7:00pmOpening for Meg Hutchinson
11/02/136 on the SquareOxford, NY7:30pm90 Minute Acoustic Duo Show
11/01/13Outpost in the BurbsMontclair, NJ8:00pmOpening for the Grand Slabovians
10/13/13Private EventPittsburgh, PA4:00pmPrivate Event
10/12/13Coyote Ridge House Concert SeriesWest Milford, NJ7:30pmCo-bill with Jim Lord
10/11/13Sunapee Coffee HouseSunapee, NH7:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
10/10/13Hill Country Live!New York, NY9:30pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
10/05/13WMSC 90.3 Radio Nowhere with Joe PszonekMontclair, NJ7:00pmMike only - Live On Air Interview and Performance with host, Joe Pszonek, and a little guest DJ'ing
09/06/13Cousin Andy'sCarbondale, IL7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
08/31/13Music on Main StreetLinden, TN7:30pm
08/15/13Blount County LibraryMaryville, TN7:00pmOne Hour Acoustic Duo Concert
08/15/13The Blue Plate SpecialKnoxville, TN12:00pm
07/20/13Noble Coffee RoastersCampbell Hall, NY7:30pmMike Solo with Denise Jordan Finley and Ron Renninger - Benenfit Concert
07/14/13Green Mountain Coffee RoastersWaterbury, VT1:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
07/12/13Caffe LenaSaratoga Springs, NY8:00pmOpening for Nancy Walker
07/11/13Private EventSchuyler Lake, NY7:00pmBenefit Concert
07/09/13Rockwood Music HallNew York, NY7:00pmOn Your Radar concert series with WFUV's John Platt
07/07/13Arbor Park Music SeriesEllington, CT6:00pm90 Minute Acoustic Duo Show
07/06/13Sandywoods Center for the ArtsTiverton, RI8:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
06/22/13Old Sloop CoffeehouseRockport, MA7:30pmCo-bill with Louise Mosrie
06/21/13The MinstrelMorristown, NJ8:00pmOpening for Louise Mosrie
06/20/13Hard Luck CafeHuntington, NY8:30pmOne hour acoustic duo show
06/16/13WMSC 90.3 Radio Nowhere with Joe PszonekMontclair, NJ8:00pmLive On-air Interview - Mike, solo, with Joe Pszonek
06/16/13WFDU 89.1 FMTeaneck, NJ4:00pmLive On-air Interview - Mike, solo, with Ron Olesko
05/26/13Kerrville New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk FestivalKerrville, TX1:00pmKerrville New Folk Contest
05/15/13Commodore GrilleNashville, TN7:30pmNeon Productions Presents - 15 minute Mini-Feature
04/28/13Salt of the EarthFennville, MI7:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
04/27/13Canterbury House Concert SeriesAnn Arbor, MI8:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
04/26/13Trinity House TheatreLivonia, MI8:00pm
04/25/13Cab's Wine Bar BistroGlen Ellyn, IL7:30pmAcoustic Duo Show
04/23/13WDCB 90.9 FMChicago, IL8:00pmHalf Hour Live Performance and Interview on Folk Festival with host, Lilli Kuzma
04/21/13Uncommon Ground - Clark Street LocationChicago, IL8:00pmCo-Bill with David Hawkins
04/20/13Windy City House ConcertsChicago, IL7:30pmHouse Concert
04/06/13Little Rock Folk ClubLittle Rock, AR7:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
12/12/12Sky BlueEast Nashville, TN7:00pmTwo sets with Audrey Auld
11/08/12Northeast Regional Folk AllianceKerhonkson, NY8:00pmPrivate Showcases Nov 8-10
11/05/12WTSR - 91.3 FMEwing, NJ6:00pmLive On-Air performance and interview
11/04/12The Folk Show with Gene Shay on WXPN 88.5 FMPhiladelphia, PA9:00pmLive On-Air performance and interview
11/03/12Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music ClubFairlawn, NJ8:00pmWoody Guthrie Centennial Celebration and Benefit
11/02/12The Psalm SalonPhiladelphia, PA8:00pmOpening for Kim & Reggie Harris
10/28/12The Revolution Music RoomLittle Rock, AR8:00pmOpening for Joe Ely
10/21/12The Bluebird CafeNashville, TN6:30pmSpotlight Show with Band
10/13/12Private EventLawrenceburg, IN8:00pmPrivate Event
09/26/12Southwest Regional Folk AllianceAustin, TX8:00pmPrivate Showcases Sept 26-29
07/22/12WSPN 91.1 FM - Simpatico with Chris McGillSaratoga Springs, NY11:00amLive Interview and Performance
07/22/12WHUS 91.7 FMStorrs, CT8:00pmLive On-Air performance and interview
07/22/12WMSC 90.3 Radio Nowhere with Joe PszonekMontclair, NJ8:00pmPerformance and interview
07/22/12WTBQ 93.5 FM; WTBQ.comWarwick, NY8:00pmPerformance and Interview with Jon Stein
07/21/12WAMC - The Hudson Valley Sampler with Wanda FischerAlbany, NY8:00pmLive Interview and Performance
07/20/12Seventy Main Concert SeriesGreenwich, NY7:30pm2 hour acoustic duo show
07/18/12Private EventSchuyler Lake, NY6:30pm
07/18/12WIOX 91.3FM - Mostly Folk with Sonny OchsRoxbury, NY10:00amLive Interview and Performance
07/16/12WMSC 90.3 Radio Nowhere with Joe PszonekMontclair, NJ1:00pmOn air performance and interview
07/16/12WTSR - 91.3 FMEwing, NJ5:30pmLive Interview and Performance
07/15/12Towne CrierBeacon, NY7:30pmOpening for Jimmie Dale Gilmore
07/14/12Private Drunken DebaucherySomewherein, MD7:30pmHouse Concert - split bill with Karyn Oliver
07/13/12WMUC Roots & WingsCollege Park, MD7:00amLive Interview with John McLaughlin
06/20/12Opensource StudioGrand Rapids, MI8:00pmAcoustic Duo Show
06/20/12WYCE Live Radio Interview and PerformanceGrand Rapids, MI2:00pm
06/19/12Salt of the EarthFennville, MI7:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
06/18/12Uncommon Ground - on DevonChicago, IL8:00pm45 minute acoustic set
06/16/12White Steeple StagePinckney, MI8:00pmAcoustic Duo Performance
06/15/12House ConcertPinckney, MI8:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
06/10/12The Rooster's WifeAberdeen, NC6:45pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
06/08/12The Blue Plate SpecialKnoxville, TN12:00pmLive Radio Performance
06/08/12Sweet P's Barbeque and Soul HouseKnoxville, TN8:00pmTwo Hour Acoustic Duo Show
05/20/12Wildflower Arts & Music FestivalRichardson, TX4:00pmCourtyard Stage
05/19/12Wildflower Arts & Music Festival Songwriter ContestRichardson, TX11:30amWildflower Festival Songwriter Contest
04/15/12Chaffin's BarnNashville, TN7:00pmIn the Round with Les Kerr and Sarah Brown
04/06/12First Friday CoffeehouseMartinsburg, WV8:00pmOne hour acoustic duo show
03/18/12Athens Holiday House Concert SeriesAthens, GA6:00pmHouse Concert with Caroline Aiken
03/17/12Hoosonanny House ConcertsCovington, GA7:00pmTwo hour house concert
03/16/12Charles & Myrtle's CoffeehouseChattanooga, TN8:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
02/15/12Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN8:00pmwith Jim Patton and Sherry Brokus
01/21/12Music at the MissionWest Milford, NJ7:30pmCo-bill with Caleb Hawley, the Ya-Ya's and Chasing June
01/20/12World Cafe LivePhiladelphia, PA8:00pmOpening for Claire Lynch Band
01/15/12WTBQ 93.5 FM; WTBQ.comWarwick, NY8:00pmInterview and Live Performance with the YaYas
12/03/11Blue Tomato Market & CafeWatertown, TN8:00pm90 minute acoustic duo show
10/22/11Private EventLawrenceburg, IN8:00pmTwo hour house concert
10/21/11Two Way Street Coffee HouseDowners Grove, IL8:15pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
09/30/11Southwest Regional Folk AllianceAustin, TX7:30pmOfficial Showcase
09/23/11Midwest Regional Folk AllianceChicago, IL8:00pmFormal Showcase
09/09/11Frist Center for the Visual ArtsNashville, TN6:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
09/08/11Commodore GrilleNashville, TN7:00pmOpening for Jerry Foster and Friends
09/03/11Rippa Villa PlantationSpring Hill, TN5:30pmSummer's End Festival
08/26/11Frist Center for the Visual ArtsNashville, TN6:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
08/12/11Mt Pleasant GrilleMt. Pleasant, TN7:00pm2 set acoustic duo show. Part of the Music on Main series
07/17/11Towne CrierBeacon, NY7:30pmSplit bill with Nate & Kate; tickets at
07/17/11WSPN 91.1 FM - Simpatico with Chris McGillSaratoga Springs, NY10:00amRadio interview and live performance
07/16/11Caffe LenaSaratoga Springs, NY8:00pmSplit bill with Nate & Kate; tickets at
07/13/11The Stephen TalkhouseAmagansett, NY8:00pm90 minute show with full band; tickets at
07/03/11WTBQ 93.5 FM; WTBQ.comWarwick, NY8:00pmFeatured Performers on Hootenanny Cafe
06/25/11The GlobeAthens, GA11:00pm45-minute set as part of Athfest
06/19/11Cookeville Sunday in the Park Concert SeriesCookeville, TN2:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
05/29/11Kerrville New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk FestivalKerrville, TX12:00pmNew Folk Contest
05/19/11The Blue Plate SpecialKnoxville, TN12:00pmLive One Hour Radio Performance
05/19/11Southeast Regional Folk AllianceAsheville, NC11:20pmPrivate Showcases May 19-21
05/18/11WDVX Writers BlockKnoxville, TN10:00pmOn-air guests 10 PM EDT
04/22/11Omnova TheaterColumbus, MS7:30pmTwo hour show
04/21/11Thacker Mountain Radio ShowOxford, MS7:00pmLive Radio Performance
03/24/11Frist Center for the Visual ArtsNashville, TN6:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
03/18/11Rapunzel'sLovingston, VA8:00pmTwo hour show
03/11/11Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:30pmOne hour acoustic duo show
02/16/11Folk Alliance International Private ShowcasesMemphis, TN10:30pmSeries of Showcases
02/10/11Frist Center for the Visual ArtsNashville, TN6:00pmTwo-set Acoustic duo show
01/29/11Lulu'sWatertown, TN7:00pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
01/07/11Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:30pmOne hour acoustic duo show
12/30/10Frist Center for the Visual ArtsNashville, TN6:00pmTwo-set Acoustic duo show
12/22/10Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY8:00pmAcoustic duo show
12/19/10The Bluebird CafeNashville, TN6:30pmOne hour show
12/10/10Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:30pmOne hour acoustic duo show
11/20/10Charles & Myrtle's CoffeehouseChattanooga, TN8:00pmTwo-set Acoustic duo show
11/11/10Northeast Regional Folk AllianceKerhonkson, NY8:30pmDJ Showcase
10/23/10Private EventSchuyler Lake, NY8:00pm
10/22/10Moonlight on the MountainBirmingham, AL7:30pmOne long acoustic duo set; followed by Jason Harrod
10/16/10Radio Interview on www.RadiofreeNashville.orgNashville, TN4:00pmHalf hour live interview with T.J. Kirby and Wendy Vickers on T.J. and Company
10/08/10Cab's Wine Bar BistroGlen Ellyn, IL9:30pmTwo hour acoustic duo show
09/25/10Private EventLawrenceburg, IN8:00pmHouse Concert
09/24/10Midpoint Music FestivalCincinatti, OH8:30pmAcoustic Duo Show - One Set at Madonna's
09/18/10Lulu'sWatertown, TN7:00pmWe'll be playing an acoustic duo show from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
09/17/10Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:30pm1 hour acoustic show
08/27/10Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pmTwo Set Acoustic Duo Show
07/18/10Art on the GreenWarwick, NY11:00amOne set acoustic duo show
07/16/10Inquiring Mind BookstoreSaugerties, NY7:00pmTwo-set Acoustic duo show
07/11/10Taste Budds CafeRed Hook, NY12:00pm12:00-2:00 Acoustic duo show
07/04/10WTBQ RadioWarwick, NY8:00pmRadio Interview
06/19/10Little Kings ClubAthens, GA8:00pmwith Boo Ray and Caroline Aiken
06/12/10Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:15pm1 hour acoustic set.
06/05/10Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pm2 hour acoustic duo show
05/22/10Fleur de Lis Acoustic SeriesKnoxville, TN6:00pmTwo set acoustic duo show with great food
05/21/10The Acoustic CoffehouseJohnson City, TN10:00pmOne hour acoustic duo show starting at 10:00
05/21/10WTNQ FM; WTNQFM.COMLa Follette, TN4:30pmRadio interview and on-air performance
05/07/10Richard’s CafeWhites Creek, TN6:15pmWe’ll be doing 1 acoustic set from 6:15 to 7:15… and we should have our new album for sale.
Midpoint Music FestivalCincinatti, OHTBDMidpoint Music Festival
Midpoint Music FestivalCincinatti, OHTBDMidpoint Music Festival
Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pm7:00 PM Acoustic duo show
Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pm2-Set Acoustic duo show
Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pmTwo-set Acoustic Duo show
Greener GroundzBowling Green, KY7:00pmTwo-set Acoustic Duo show
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We hope that some of our songs make you feel something or think about something you hadn’t before, and that others simply make you smile.

-Mike and MaryBeth
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